Ideation & Brainstorming

We can help you come up with creative ideas or concepts for your business. These ideas can be used for marketing, advertising, social media, videos, graphics and many more.  We can help you when you have a creative block, trust us, we got colourful brains on standby.

When you are starting a project or you experiencing a creative block, we can help you come up or brainstorm creative ideas.  These services can include:

  • • Brainstorming
  • • Conceptualization
  • • Mind Maps
  • • Creative Directions
  • • Prototypes

Get creative directions and guidance when starting a project. Feedback is often required to improve stagnant ideas and concepts. This service includes:

  • • Brainstorming
  • • Conceptualization
  • • Mind Maps


Let the Characters tell the story with a defined colour palette, clear silhouette, and recognizable poses. This includes:

  • • Creative Brief
  • • Character Design
  • • Colour Palette
  • • Various Poses & Gestures 

Set the atmosphere of your movie, game, film or art installation with an immersive environment design. This includes: 

  • Concept Art
  • Illustrations
  • • Concept Board
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