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Term: September 2022 – December 2023

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In September 2022, I embarked on an exciting new chapter in my career journey, joining LGBT Great as the Group Marketing and Branding Manager. This role marked a significant milestone as it was not only my first international job experience but also an opportunity to make a meaningful impact in the dynamic financial services industry. LGBT Great, a pioneering startup, is dedicated to advancing LGBTQ+ inclusivity and diversity within the financial sector.

About the Company

Driving Change in Finance: Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

LGBT Great stands as a trailblazing organization in the financial services industry, and our journey is defined by a commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). We are a membership-based startup, dedicated to fostering LGBTQ+ inclusivity and diversity within this sector. What sets us apart is our deep collaboration with over 60 global financial members, including industry giants such as Allianz Global Investors, BlackRock, HSBC Asset Management, and more.

LGBT Great is more than a consulting firm; it’s a community of DEI specialists, HR experts, and data scientists who specialize in tailoring programs to address unique DEI challenges and opportunities within organizations. Our expertise is leveraged to help companies build DEI strategies, train workforces, and measure DEI impact effectively.

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About the Role

Group Marketing & Branding manager

My role at LGBT Great was a dynamic and evolving one. Initially entrusted with overseeing branding and marketing, I found myself immersed in a role that expanded considerably over my one-year tenure. This evolution was a testament to the agile and innovative nature of a startup environment.

In addition to branding and marketing, my role extended to event management and member engagement, both critical facets of our mission. The role required adaptability and a deep understanding of the DEI landscape within the financial industry. Through my involvement in these areas, I played a crucial role in advancing our mission of promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion within the sector.

What i Do

Areas of involvement

  • Branding and Design: I developed comprehensive brand guidelines, ensuring uniformity across all materials. This initiative was instrumental in reinforcing our steadfast commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), as well as establishing a memorable brand presence.

  • Marketing Campaign Development: Crafting and executing impactful marketing campaigns was vital. These initiatives played a crucial role in elevating awareness, spotlighting diversity-related themes, and positioning LGBT Great as a trailblazer in DEI initiatives.

  • Social Media Strategy: I designed and executed an integrated social media strategy across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This approach effectively engaged our audience and facilitated ongoing conversation

  • Website Management: I oversaw the management of our websites and CRM systems, ensuring that content remained fresh and updated. Continuous monitoring and strategic enhancements were key aspects of this responsibility.

  • Event and Webinar Programming: My role extended to programming the annual event calendar, designing invitations, and actively representing LGBT Great at various events. This engagement fostered valuable connections and facilitated knowledge sharing.

  • Member Engagement and Community Building: Driving the Project 1000 Role Models and Allies goal across the LGBT Great portfolio was a significant achievement. Additionally, I engaged with clients and member organizations to provide guidance on branding and visibility issues.

Bigger. Better. Bolder

LGBT Great Rebranding: Shaping a Vibrant Identity

At LGBT Great, I assumed a pivotal role as the leader of a transformative branding journey. This endeavor was particularly significant, as it marked the third rebranding attempt, and it was crucial to infuse new life into our visual identity. The challenge lay in not overhauling the rebrand entirely but in making it bolder and more resonant, in line with the CEO’s vision.

This process required a deep dive into the original logo’s colors, a comprehensive exploration of their vibrance and hue. The objective was to elevate these colors to take center stage in our branding, creating a striking and memorable impression. The result was a refreshed visual identity that resonated with the LGBTQ+ community, our primary audience, and conveyed our commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

LGBT-Great-Original-Logo LGBT-Great-Original-New

the LGBT Great identity

Changing the Logo: A Bold Step Forward

Central to this branding transformation was the pivotal decision to change our logo, a move that aligned with the owner’s expectations. The original logo had its limitations – its lack of dimension and thin font weight made it challenging to read and grasp. It was essential to enhance the logo’s readability and simplicity while preserving its core essence.

The redesigned logo was a resounding success. It addressed the issues of legibility and visual impact by increasing the font’s thickness, allowing for clearer differentiation of the individual words within the logo. Moreover, the bold colors of the logo were accentuated, ensuring that they not only caught the eye but also conveyed our unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within the financial services industry.

This branding overhaul ignited a sense of joy and enthusiasm among the company’s founders, signifying a new chapter of vibrant identity and powerful messaging that perfectly encapsulated LGBT Great’s mission and vision.

Email Marketing

Elevating DEI with Every Send

As the custodian of our email marketing efforts, I was entrusted with the end-to-end process of crafting compelling and impactful email campaigns. This encompassed the entire journey, from ideation to execution. This involved crafting engaging email content, designing visually appealing templates, and meticulously scheduling email dispatches to our extensive contact list, which comprised nearly 10,000 subscriber. As part of our comprehensive strategy, I utilized Mailchimp and GlueUp as our CRM platforms for email marketing campaigns. 

Due to our small, dedicated team, I took on the role of reviewing and proofreading the emails before they ventured into the inboxes of our audience. This meticulous approach was essential in maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency. Throughout this process, I integrated LGBT Great’s unique selling points (USPs) into each deliverable, ensuring that our commitment to DEI, expertise, and community building shone through while maintaining a cohesive branding and voice.

Our unique approach extended to custom-designed email signatures, seamlessly integrated into both external and internal communications. When engaging high-stakeholders, I went the extra mile with personalized emails adorned by unique signatures. This personal touch enhanced the impact and memorability of each interaction, setting us apart from conventional corporate discourse.

Strategic Marketing Campaigns

DEI in the Social Media Spotlight

In the realm of social media, I played a pivotal role in elevating conversations surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI). Understanding the profound importance of social media in the DEI landscape, I harnessed this platform to foster positive representation and meaningful discourse.

Beyond crafting compelling content, I leveraged tools like Hootsuite and Later to strategically schedule social media posts. These platforms allowed us to ensure our messages resonated with our audience at optimal times, maximizing their impact. In addition, my background in design proved instrumental, enabling me to craft captivating graphics that garnered high praise from our team. 

To bolster our data-driven approach, I assumed responsibility for tracking and analyzing key performance indicators (KPIs) across various platforms, including LinkedIn, Instagram, Google, and more. This analytical insight empowered us to fine-tune our strategies, ensuring that our efforts consistently contributed to our overarching goal: fostering an inclusive, vibrant, and engaged community within the financial services industry. Through these endeavors, we solidified our commitment to promoting diversity and equity while forging meaningful connections within our expansive network.

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Event Management

Creating a Community That Cares

As the Event and Marketing Manager at LGBT Great, my role extended well beyond logistical coordination; it was about shaping a vibrant and supportive community within the financial services industry, with a profound commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI).

From the initial event concept to the post-event follow-up, the orchestration of each gathering was my responsibility. This encompassed not only defining the event’s purpose but also creating comprehensive briefs for our internal team and external partners. Additionally, I oversaw the creation and maintenance of event websites.

A crucial aspect was the curation of event content. I sought out and secured speakers and collaborators who not only possessed expertise but also shared our unwavering dedication to DEI.

Every logistical detail, from venue selection to event format (whether a table discussion, roundtable, or conference), fell under my purview. My role also entailed briefing speakers and event partners, setting clear expectations, and ensuring accountability throughout the event. I was hands-on during the event itself, managing logistics, teams, and colleagues, ensuring the seamless execution of every facet.

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In- Person Events


Host of Webinars

Becoming the Voice of Change

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LGBT Great - 5 Ways to Attract GenZ Talent

In this webinar, I was not only the host but also contributed to the creation of valuable recruitment insights. The session revolved around sharing tips and strategies with our member network, aiming to help them enhance their recruitment strategies in an ever-evolving workforce landscape.

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Women Supporting Women: LGBTQ+ Women in the Workplace

I was entrusted with the role of hosting and guiding this webinar, dedicated to celebrating LGBTQ+ women in our network. The aim was to create a safe and engaging space for conversation, promoting positivity and empowerment among women.

Additional tools

Marketing Collateral

Transforming Reports for Impact

In the domain of reports, I significantly contributed to amplifying the impact of our insights reports by infusing them with visual appeal.These enhancements not only made the documents more engaging but also ensured the information reached a broader audience in a more accessible format.

Impactful Presentations

In addition, I crafted and enhanced pitch decks and presentations. These presentations served as powerful tools for attracting new members and retaining existing ones. They were essential for conferences, webinars, and events where we needed to convey our mission effectively.

Templates: Empowering Efficiency through Customized Tools

Acknowledging the dynamic nature of our small team, I focused on creating templates to empower my colleagues. They spanned diverse purposes, from social media promotions to presentations, event sites, and email campaigns.

Events Briefing and Guidance: Building Seamless Experiences

I introduced a user-friendly event content template. This template allowed team members to propose event or webinar ideas effortlessly. By filling out this form and sending it to me, they initiated the content creation process, streamlining our operations and fostering a more inclusive financial services environment.

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