professional services

Video & Animations

Video Editing

We got you covered when it comes to editing videos for your youtube channel or social media platforms. Depending on your project, we can help you with editing, filming, colour correcting and many more. See below for more details.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Animations can capture the attention of viewers. At hectoor, we can draw and animate 2D & 3D animations for your business or personal projects. Not to mention, superimpose motion graphics to your videos and ads. See below for more details.

Video editing consists of many things, such as planning, editing, trimming footage, colour correcting, adding transitions, and motion graphics. Whether it is one of these aspects of editing or all, we’ll be happy to help you out with your project. See below for more details:

This service includes:

  • Planning
  • Editing
  • Trimming footage
  • Colour correcting
  • Adding transitions

Showcase your business with creative animations. Short and straight forwards animations always get the attention of the viewers while browsing the web. Attract customers with relatable and funny shorts for your ads or videos. See below for more details:

  • 2D animation ( 5 min max)
  • 3D Animations ( 5 min max)
  • Hand-Drawn Animation ( 3 min max)